Your stay in Archontiko Stoufi
ensures an experience of luxury and true comfort
Enjoy the luxury and comforts
of a superior villa bathed in greek light
Enjoy greek hospitality
in a neoclassical villa of Zakynthian architecture
Our bedrooms are designed to give you
a great night's sleep and your own quiet space to work or relax

Welcome to Archontiko Stoufi: A Symphony of Luxury in Zakynthos

In the idyllic Skinaria area of Volimes, Archontiko Stoufi emerges as a beacon of unparalleled luxury, weaving together the heritage of traditional Zakynthian manors with the allure of modern indulgence. This newly constructed villa, completed in 2023, stands as a testament to sophistication and offers a retreat where history, opulence, and panoramic vistas converge.

Set in the mountainous part of the island, Archontiko Stoufi occupies a premium position in one of Zakynthos' most distinguished areas. Volimes is a gateway to an extraordinary blend of rugged mountain landscapes and some of the most breathtaking beaches on the island. This unique position makes Volimes a sought-after haven for those who appreciate the harmony of nature's contrasts.

Step into a world where the past meets the present. Archontiko Stoufi is a masterpiece that pays homage to the architectural grandeur of Zakynthos. The villa's design, a meticulous blend of tradition and modernity, showcases the distinctive "Vrontale" roof tiles, arches, and rounded windows reminiscent of the island's neoclassical heritage. Each detail tells a story, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Zakynthian history.

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Zakynthos offers a variety of activities because it is a heavily developed tourist destination.  

Diving is a well-liked pastime, and the island's tourist resorts now have a large number of diving centers available.

These facilities provide instruction and arrange diving excursions to noteworthy reefs and uninhabited islets.  Laganas, Tsilivi, Kalamaki, and other beaches on the island of Zakynthos are equipped with water sports facilities and entertaining activities.  

There are opportunities for hiking around the island's countryside.  

The Caretta-Caretta turtles have chosen some of its finest beaches to deposit their eggs on for a purpose.  

The most well-known attraction in Zakynthos is Shipwreck Beach, which got its name from a rusty, abandoned ship that was discovered on the shore.

With an excursion boat that departs from the well-known Blue Caves, you may get to this beach.  

The island is well-known for its beautiful sandy beaches, including those at Gerakas, Kalamaki, Agios Nikolaos, and Porto Zoro.  

Visitors can find rural villages and historic monasteries by driving around.


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